Andrew Heringer Band

Andrew Heringer Band

There are few independent artists who have driven the West Coast building a fan base as much as singer-songwriter Andrew Heringer has in recent years. Whether it is solo or with a full band, Northern California native Andrew Heringer has spread his blend of folk, rock and pop independently of any record label to thousands playing over 200 shows since 2006.

From performing early in his teen years, Heringer found his presence on stage as both a musician and an actor. While studying classical and jazz guitar, Heringer began to write his own songs inspired by his parents CD collection that contained music legends such as James Taylor, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. During his time at the University of California at Irvine, where he studied acting and pursued a degree in Theater, Heringer wrote, recorded and played his music while also balancing his studies and theater requirements. During this time he released three albums with the assistance of his dedicated friends and collaborators.

Upon graduation in 2007, he found that his work writing and recording these three albums had paid off, as he had established a solid fan base along the West Coast. Since, he has booked two successful West Coast tours, sold over 5,000 units and released “The Paradise Sessions” as the Andrew Heringer Band, a six-piece Folk/Rock/Jazz/Funk group. “The Paradise Sessions” takes songs from Heringer’s first three albums and provides a full band experience comparable to Dave Matthews Band and Jason Mraz.

The second album for the Andrew Heringer Band is due out at the end of 2009 and a summer tour is currently being planned with New York based band Big Tree.

Available Shows: 
DateLocationPrice# of Discs
Jun 19 2009Summer Solstice Music Festival - Placerville, CA$111