Blue Turtle Seduction

Blue Turtle Seduction

When Blue Turtle Seduction played their first show in 2001 it was... well... rough around the edges, sloppy, chaotic, and ... one hell of a great time. From the beginning there was a raw and original sound, a clear and intense vibe, and the energy was through the roof. It was the rebellious outdoor spirit of South Lake Tahoe, CA (work hard, play harder) wrapped into electric guitar and mandolin; harmonica, harmonies, and adrenaline; drums, bass, and violin.

Fast forward to 2007 and find a band that dedicated itself to practice and playing as many shows as possible to polish that rough sound into something that has been winning fans over night after night from small town to big city, from Hawaii to New York City, and from dive bar to famous theatres all while marching to beat of their own drummer.

All while the big question spreads from mouth to mouth, "What kind of music is it?"! The band and fans alike scratch their head and offer, "Well its jam-newgrass?, how about gypsy rock?, no its Duran Duran meets String Cheese Incident, meets the Clash ... no its not, its Blind Melon meets the Samples... forget it, just come to the show!

And whether its the show, the two studio CDs, or internet downloads you'll find music with meaning, lyrics that dive into two feet of fresh snow and ride the wave through the apocalypse ending up on a sunny beach with tequilla in hand, and a spirit that kind of dares, "Go big or go home!"

Available Shows: 
DateLocationPrice# of Discs
Dec 31 2007The Independent - San Francisco, CA$203

Get this show and 12/30/07 for $35.

Dec 30 2007The Independent - San Francisco, CA$203

Get this show and 12/31/07 for $35.

Sep 8 2007The Independent - San Francisco, CA$172
May 26 2007Bobolink Music Festival - Belden, CA$172
May 25 2007Bobolink Music Festival - Belden, CA$203
Nov 4 2006Mystic Theatre - Petaluma, CA$131