The History of Natilla School Complex Abrafo Odumasi

Samuel Kodjo GyinahSamuel Kodjo Gyinahby Mr. Samuel Kodjo Gyinah

Natilla School Complex is located at Abroafo-Odumasi – Avillage 28km north of Cape Coast in the Twifu-Heman Lower Nekiyir District of the Central Region of Ghana. Abrafo-Odumasi is the headquarters of the Kakum Nation Park where the canopy walkway, a very popular tourist attraction is located.

The school is owned by Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Kodjo Gyinah both citizens of the village. The population of the village is about two thousand five hundred (2,500) inhabitants of which the children and the the youth take about 85%. The inhabitants are the peasant farmers ands the cultivate food drops such as cassave, plantain, maize, and the cash crops such as palm fruits and cocoa just to mention a few.

Until the establishment of the school, the village had only one (1) primary and (1) one junior secondary school (JSS)

In the year 1991 in the month of September, my wife (Mrs. Gyinah) who is a trained Day care supervisor and myself (a retired Senior public officer) had a vision to open a school to the help some of the children ‘ROAMING’ in the village.

We started the Day Care Centre (pre-education) with thirty (30) children, ages between six (6) months and two years, with two (2) attendants in our private house.

By the year 1995 the school had over eighty (80) children. We approached Miss Comfort Fiona Odartey at Cape Coast who was then the Central Regional Organizer of NCWD to help us with some foreign volunteer teachers.

Very luckily the woman brought us one lady name Theresa Miles (alias Akos) to be with the school for some months as a teacher.

As we were not having good place or building for the children, Miss Miles appealed to her friends who came to Ghana with her to assist the school to have a building.

Her friends who came to visit her at Abrafo saw the need for the school and how the children were disturbing her in her room as she was staying in the same house where the school was. She contributed an amount of four pounds (£4) to purchase materials like cement, blocks, iron sheets, paints and stone for the school building for the children.

At this stage, the community also came to assist by providing communal labor, some sand, water, boards, and the artisans who did the constructional work. It is a one block with big hall and three rooms and a verandah.

The initial project is at where the public primary and junior secondary school is located. Though the infrastructure was the through our initiative with the assistance for the lady, we the Proprietor of NASCO do not claim that it is for us. At anytime we FREE to move our children from the place, the building becomes the property of the community.

In the year 1998, by the grace of God, we acquired a two and half (2V2) acre plot "leased" to us by the kind permission of ADUANA CLAN of Abrafo of which the site plan and indenture are duly prepared and signed by the custodians of the Stool Land as Jukwa..

The school was formerly called "Prince of Peace Preparatory School (POPPS). Why is is called Natilla? The is answer is, in August 1998, two (2) visitors came to stay with us in our house for some few days and what we did to them (I mean hospitality shown to them) decided to HELP the school.

They are Natilla (the lady) and Steffan (the lad). They are from HAIGER-GERMANY. Infant Natilla and Steffan had done a lot to the school and they are still doing it. Seeing their interest and EFFORTS towards the school, we decided to re-name the school after the lady – NATILLA. They have the school at heart. They and their friends in Haiger – Germany contributed greatly towards the first two blocks of eight (8) classrooms. They are still helping in all ways to get the school forward.

Natilla School Complex is being ran by the Grace of God, 2002, our son in law Mr. Sam by name brought us a visitor from Texas – USA to stay with us for some days. The visitor by name Mr. Craig Powell also seeing the effort we were making decide to HELP achieve our aim.

When he went back home to Texas – USA his friends the late John A. Baker and Mr. Marvin Gerrard heard about the school and ALL agreed to assist the school.

Since then with the NGC, Ghana Initiative for Valued Education has been helping the school as well. Through their ‘NGC’ "GIVE" the school has electricity and water supply, water closet (8 seater) all the eight (8) classrooms plastered external and internal and painted.

As at now the office for the Headteacher, reception for teachers, computer room, one classroom and concrete slab is almost complete leaving cladding of walls and plastering.

Again in 2005 on Mrs. Anne Woffenden came to visit her daughter who was with us and promised t help us build a canteen. She too has assisted us to build a nice canteen for the school. As for the school, it is the LORD who is building it. All the schools in our district, it is the only ‘NASCO’ that is with ‘now a school canteen and also enjoy W.C. toilet’.

The school is opened to any ‘WELL WISHER WHO MAY LIKE TO HELP DEVELOP IT’. Our aim is to have a good school for the children in the village, so whoever is READY TO COME TO HELP IS WELCOME.

As said earlier, the school is for Mr. & Mrs. Gyinah and our sixteen children, eight (8) males and eight (8) females. If any of us is not alive one is to team up with the children to run the school vis-à-vis.

Natilla, Steffan, Powell, and Mr. Marvin are our partners in development. At anytime any of them is ready to come to stay in Ghana to help run the school is welcome because it is for us all. Through their efforts that the school has become what it is now. They have indeed showed CHRISTIAN LOVE towards the children of the village. It is our PRAYER that ALMIGHTY GOD MAY BLESS & HELP THEM TO PROVIED MORE ASSISTANCE TO THE SCHOOL.

It is our ‘AIM’ to turn the school into a Boarding school in the near future.
The school indeed had brought FAME to the citizens of Abrafo – Odumasi.

For the four consecutive times from 2005-2008 that the school took part in the Basic Elementary Certificate Examination, the school came out with flying colors. That is, the school obtained 100% passes with distinctions. The school has acquired another piece of land almost one and half (1-1/2) acres to be developed into staff quarters at the site where we have already planted orange trees and teak.

The motto of the School is "SUA MA DAAKYE". (Learn for Future). The population includes Nursery and KG is almost three hundred fifty (350) both boys and girls, with fourteen (14) teachers.

We PRAY that GOD may touch the hearts of some people to help us have a school bus.

The school has School Management Committee (SMC) and Parents Teacher Association (PTA) who help ran the school. Before I end, we thank Natilla, Steffan, Powell, J.A.Baker, Dr. F. Barnes, Mrs. Anne Woffenden, our two sons Sampson (Italy) and Daniel (Canada) for their contributions, MAY GOD BLESS THEM.

Samuel Kodjo Gyinah
{Managing Propritor}
(date recorded unknown)

note dated 24/8/08:
Under the able directorship of Mr. Craig Powell two classrooms and an office are being built by "GIVE to house Nursery Department.