Since the fall of 2001, the BRO has supported and preserved all music through the art of recording. We are currently offering many services, not just to the musician but also to the music lover. Current projects offered include:

"Come To You" Recordings

BRO will bring its expertise and sophisticated recording techniques to your rehearsal space, live performance, wedding, party or other event to preserve it for you so that you can relive the event for years to come. BRO's innovative recording technique captures the "live" feeling of your performance while delivering the post-production control of an in-studio recording. In order to achieve this unique sound, BRO uses a wide range of high-quality microphones combined with splitter and direct boxes, as well as direct feeds from the sound board. BRO can record your event using from 2 to 36 channels. We provide the option of raw AIFF files or having us do the post-show mix down. "Come to You" Recordings require very little space to operate and we always come with plenty of wire to be well out of the way of performers, guests and house staff.

All prices are with the agreement that the final recording will be made available through the BRO BY MAIL program and its royalties agreements. Prices in parentheses are a full release of the recording to the client and all futures are controlled by client.

  • Stereo 2 track>DAT/CD=$75 ($100)
  • 1-8 multi track raw files=$300 ($450)
  • 1-8 mt & post show mix=$450 ($600)
  • 9-16 multi track raw files=$450 ($600)
  • 9-16 mt w/ post show mix=$600 ($750)
  • 17-36 multi track raw files=$650 ($900)
  • 17-36 mt w/ track raw files=$800 ($1200)

The ALBINO Clause - Due to the inherent risk of doing mobile multi track recordings, a back up matrix will be captured onto DAT and may need to be used for a patch in the event of a computer issue. Regardless of any problems caused by this understood risk, compensation will still be due at the time agreed upon, unless the entire show is lost. No exceptions. Thank you for understanding.

"Take It Home" Recordings

With "Take it Home" recordings, BRO's innovative recording techniques deliver studio-quality recordings of live performances minutes after the event's conclusion, enabling on-site CD sales while the music is still ringing in the attendees' heads. "Take It Home" has been used for fund raisers for childrens' music programs, souvenirs for recital and weddings, but is primarily designed to give musical groups of all genres an easy way to disseminate their music, preserve performances, generate revenue and expand their fan base. BRO integrates seamlessly with your setup process and works to ensure there is no disruption. All that's required is space to set up microphones on stage and a connection to the sound board.

These high-quality discs have all of the hallmarks of a professional CD, including fade in/fade out and track marks that are placed "on the fly" during the show. The baseline "Take It Home" recording package includes the Master CD plus 50 CDs. The CDs come in a paper sleeve with a pre-approved custom-made sticker on the rear and if supplied before the show, the complete setlist. Some fonts and images supplied may also be used if supplied prior to the show date. Disc packages are ready approximately 15 minutes following the conclusion of the performance.

TIHR Master only = $250 ($500)
TIHR Master + 50 packages = $350 ($600)

Low Volume Duplication

Do you just need 25 copies for an upcoming concert? Or maybe you just want to duplicate enough for the family and friends? Perhaps you have a last minute project that needs 75 discs in a hurry? Let us take care of your low-volume duplication needs for up to 99 copies of your work. Music master, artwork, inject printable CDs and jewel cases are supplied by client or purchased from BRO separately. Everything is done "in house" with a quick turn around time.

Inkjet print on CDs and options of paper sleeves or jewel cases are available.


  • 1-99 CD copies: $1.50 each on spindle
  • $1.75 each for sleeves
  • $2.25 each for jewel case
  • Inkjet CDs available from BRO for L.V.D. projects $1.00 each

Digital Conversion

In support of BRO's overarching mission to preserve music, we now offer digital conversion for all analog audio recordings into CD format. Clients with cassette tape, mini-disc, Digital Audio Tape (DAT), voice stick, or even vintage vinyl may now get them transferred to CD form for longer and safer enjoyment. This is a "transfer only" program - no audio manipulation will be attempted on the transfer recording. The quality of the recording is completely dependent on the medium it is preserved on. BRO can also go on location to capture "home equipment preference" or in the event we do not have access to the media player. Any digital conversion is a flat rate of $25 per disc. Discs are 80 minutes. Copies of the master are also available for $3 each. The conversion program will produce one master of any copyrighted material. This is for private use only. No "low volume duplication" available on copyrighted recordings.

Recording and Performance at Historic Mission Dolores

Serving as the producers for the Music with a Mission series held at the landmark Mission Dolores Church, as well as the booking agents for other music activities at the Mission Dolores Basilica, it gives BRO great honor to have access to such an incredible room to host concerts and record music. The venue, which is one of the oldest facilities in San Francisco, seats over 1,100 and has a very large free parking lot. The stunning acoustics found in this room are some of the best in all the Bay Area. The Basilica has three domed ceilings and a wood-suspended floor, with wonderful stain glass windows throughout the church. The Mission Dolores Basilica can be booked for private recording sessions or for music concerts, the proceeds of which benefit the music and choir departments at the church.