The Africa Project

The Africa Project

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"The Africa Project"
- bringing together musicians who are worlds apart -
~ an international music collaboration aiding African education ~

Film maker Joe Baker, founder of the Bay Recorders Organization, has brought together 35 musicians, 3 bands, and 2 choirs from Ghana, South Africa, and USA with the common goal of aiding African education through the power of music with "The Africa Project".

In June 2010, Baker took basic versions of three American classic songs and field recorded African musicians offering musical contributions to each of the 3 songs.
While on location, Baker then recorded the African musicians performing original native songs.
During the fall of 2010, American musicians were added to the three original songs as well as to the 9 new songs brought back from Africa, thus creating 12 extraordinary compositions from three different countries.

The 74 minute film, all shot in high definition, is edited by 11 different volunteer editors, giving each video song its own distinct experience.

"The Africa Project" DVD and CD along with a 16 page booklet will be offered for $20 at each of the 3 screenings and at Ryan Kerringan's poster booth during High Sierra.

100% of all sales’ profits will be split evenly between
Ghana Iniative for Valued Education (G.I.V.E.), an organization creating educational opportunities in Ghana, West Africa for primary & secondary school children
and Amajika Performing Arts Foundation (NCD Foundation), a foundation on 26 campuses throughout South Africa that offers after-school care, tutoring, dance, theater, & music.

History and Concept

Liner Notes

CD: 76 minutes and has 17 songs
DVD: 74 minutes and has 12 videos

Includes a beautiful 16 page booklet in the packaging that will arrive on June 10

34 musicians, 3 bands, 2 choirs from 3 countries

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