Blue Turtle Seduction & The RituaL

I gotta tell ya, I have been listening to the Ritual and BTS shows you recorded at the Independant last weekend and all I can say is WOW! You didn't miss a beat. I am so used to listening to recordings of live show and have come to live with all the crowd "noise." Not an issue with these recordings. Jordan's vocals from Ritual is soulful and rich. I especially appreciate how clear Christian's electric mando comes across. Thanks again for all that you do my friends to keep the spirit of live music alive long after last call!

Carl S
San Francisco, CA

Bobolink Music Festival

Dear BRO,
I got some bobolink festival recordings from your merch booth and I wanted
to thank you so much! I love the shows!! The Nathan Moore is awesome. This
is such a great service you guys provide!
Love and Blessings to you~*~I will be ordering more shows soon.
McKinnelyville, CA

The New Mastersounds

Customer quote from New Mastersounds 04.21.2007 show at 12 Galaxies, San Francisco, CA

The New Mastersounds bridge the divide between funk and jazz with such a smooth transition that it has to be heard to fully appreciate. This Green Apple Festival selection is of pristine quality and you couldn't ask for a better mix of songs and special guests. The disks offer a wide range of great jams, but Eddie Roberts really shines on "Eazin' Down" along side Dan Liebowitz & DJ Motion Potion. Check out Joe Conti's awesome harmonica playing on "Thirty Three" for an additional surprise. I can't wait to see some more funky selections from Bayrecorders !!!

David B.
Middleburg, VA
Customer quote from New Mastersounds 04.21.2007 show at 12 Galaxies, San Francisco, CA

I just wanted to say Thanks again! I'm sitting here at work listening to the beautiful recording of the New Mastersounds Live at 12 Galaxies from April 21 late night party! It's a very good recording, and I'm picky. I have been a taper since 1982, and I REALLY appreciate the quality! So, thanks for continuing to provide this service!

Chris O.
Sebastopol, CA

Duplication and Printer Services Now Being Offered

Thank you for doing such a nice job on our wedding CD printing and duplication project. You took so much care in making them exactly how we wanted and they look beautiful. I look forward to Brian and I getting all 220 out in the mail on Monday! Just in time!

Theresa and Brian
San Francisco


West County Outlaws

Hi Bay Recorders Organization-

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for recording our band last Saturday at the funksicle music festival in Headlsburg. We are a new band, this was only our 2nd real gig, so the recording is invaluable. So thanks again for lending your talent to get us the final product only minutes after the set.

Be Well
Todd Gorman

Schools and Churches

Albany High School Spring Concert

5/12/08 - Ashkenaz Community Center - Berkeley CA

Dear Bay Recorders,
Just wanted to follow up and let you know the CD's are fantastic!! I've been listening to them in my car non-stop since Sunday night. I don't expect we will have any trouble selling them for our fund raiser. We will definitely be in touch next year.

Thanks again.
Elizabeth A. - Albany Music Fund, Albany, CA


Cancer is My Bitch

I wanted to thank you for generously donating your time and energy, helping to make the benefit concert "Cancer is My Bitch" on Saturday 11/29/08 at the Red Devil Lounge a great success. The recordings sound great. We really thank you for making the recordings available not only for our ears but also set up for a very simple fund raiser. We were able to raise additional funds, not foreseen, for cancer research and BRO was a big part of this.

Bay Recorders are a huge asset to our musical community and to the community at large. They uplift and enliven the music scene and we are lucky to have them. Joe Baker is a total professional, easy to work/communicate with and just a pleasure to be around. I will certainly be calling on them again!


Andrew Griffin,
Drummer, Alameda, CA


Longstreth-Lurie Rehearsal Reception & Wedding Ceremony

June 23, 2008
Portland, Oregon

Alli and I couldn't be happier with the results from Bay Recorders
Organization's efforts at our rehearsal reception and our wedding. BRO
went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the entire magical day will be forever recorded and enjoyed by us and our families. The sound recordings of our rehearsal dinner band (Crosseyed Rosie) and our wedding band (Joey Porter Tribute Band) and all the toasts are perfect but the highlight has to be the video recording of the cocktail party and of our wedding ceremony. It's so nice to be able to see & hear the events from the another perspective as we certainly were too preoccupied (and nervous!) to be able to witness the amazing love and energy provided by our guests.

Thank you Bay Recorders Organization......I look forward to your help at
the Anniversary Party!

Alli & Bryan
Portland, Oregon


Connecticut Yankee

BRO ROCKS! They have turned my office at the 'Connecticut Yankee' into a recording 'Command Central' on numerous occasions. The result of his neverending efforts are high quality tracked recordings with graphics available to attendees before the Band has finished their first post show drink. They have been a great source for me to archived my shows from my establishment that I otherwise would have had to seek out elsewhere. Always gracious, always professional, always welcome.

Fritz Frisbie
Owner Connecticut Yankee


Hey Bay Recorders Organization - it was great meeting you at Michael
White's 2009 Summer Solstice Festival in Placerville. Your generous donation of the complete solstice festival Cd archive to KFOKfm is greatly appreciated by me, the other broadcasters and management.
They are now in the station collection, ready for play. Actually I played a couple of tracks of the Mind X first set on my show
this evening, and heaped great praises on you and on the quality of the recordings. Hope our trails cross again before too long . . . Buzz

Buzz C.
Georgetown, CA